The Grove School/ The St Leonards Academy – Wishing Tree Reservoir

The Grove School/ The St Leonards Academy – Wishing Tree Reservoir

May 5, 2016 Kneecapped Media 0

It was a glorious sunny day in Hastings and Wishing Tree Reservoir was our destination for this weeks photography adventure. However along the way we decided to take a detour through the ruins of The Grove School (otherwise known as St Leonards Academy).

Standing in the wasteland that was The Grove School weirdly filled me with a sense of nostalgia for school times gone by. Even though I had not attended The Grove School, I knew people who had, and for whatever reason it was causing me to think back to my time at William Parker Sports College.


A once bustling school now laid to waste.

I was reminded of how big The Grove School used to seem to me. I attended the primary school Robsack Wood which was located not too far from The Grove which put the now ruined school in a much more daunting position, the big kids were there. Now for some reason these ruins made me feel sad, as if my experiences of The Grove are now some kind of legacy which need to be preserved and remembered. Or maybe this was a form of mourning for something now lost.


The last indication a school was here.

Either way, we continued through The Grove to Wishing Tree Reservoir which was a perfect resting spot in the blazing sun.


The reservoir.

Although the reservoir was scenic, you can still hear the main road that runs adjacent to it. This prompted us to move further into the woods behind us to escape the noise of suburban life.

IMG_5177Once deeper in, we found ourselves much more captivated by our surroundings stopping every step forward to grab a new photo.

IMG_5280In all, it was a lovely day. We had great weather, friends and tripods. What else can you ask for?


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